New Photos: Mantas!

Swimming with Manta rays

In June 2017 we repeatedly encountered a group of about 20 mantas in our favorite Tuamotu atoll. We saw them several days in a row in the pass, feeding on tiny copepod crustaceans in the strong outgoing current. They didn't seem to mind our company, so we spent hours watching them.

(23 photos)


  1. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Super schöne Fotos

  2. Diana says:

    Dear Brigitte und Christian

    Super photos, thanks!

    One question, do you use a software, to translate your posts into German? Or do you do it manually? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Christian says:

      we translate all posts ourselves, as the results of machine translation are usually awful, sometimes entertaining though ;-)
      Do you already have a blog?

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