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A house without a cat is not a home…

…according to the proverb and a boat without a cat isn’t one either–at least in my humble opinion I’ve now been alone with Leeloo on the boat for two and half weeks, but it’s impossible to feel lonely with a furry companion who’s always around and always talks back I love the way… …she climbs up the steep companion way stairs looking like a little… Continue reading »


Sunday in Tahiti

As I’m alone at the moment I spend most days below deck, working on my sofa-upholstery-renewal project, writing articles or making jewellery. After such a productive day I try to stretch my legs doing long walks around the yacht club area and up in the surrounding hills in the evenings. Arue is a suburb of Papeete (the city has long overgrown its borders and incorporated… Continue reading »


Smurfettes alone at home

Christian left for Austria last Wednesday morning, so Leeloo and I have been alone on Pitufa for almost a week. We have been good girls, produced about 20 pearl necklaces during the first days and today we sewed two new covers for the sofa upholstery. Well, to be honest, I did most of the work, but Leeloo supervised and sat on everything that was work… Continue reading »


Sweet dreams

Since we set out we’ve bought new mattresses twice–each a little bit more expensive than the last one, but still not comfortable. Last week we decided to go for high quality and bought two latex matresses. Our bed in the aft cabin is very oddly shaped so we have to buy 2 queen size mattresses, cut them into shape and resew the cover. What sounds… Continue reading »


Massive jewellery

Christian got me a chain for my birthday and it’s all shiny and pretty! 70 m of 10 mm chain would be a bit bulky for a necklace, but they suit Pitufa’s bow just fine The Maggi chain we bought two years ago started rusting after 6 months and by now it’s already disintegrating, losing material and leaving a rusty mess on deck every time… Continue reading »


Back in Tahiti

Last night we arrived after a pleasant, but rather slow sail at Point Venus in Tahiti. We caught a Wahoo on the last day and the fridge is filled up with filets and steaks Now we’re getting ready for our yearly provisioning and spare-part marathon.



Yesterday we motored out through the shallow pass of Faaite with the last light and set sail towards Tahiti (240 nm). We set out in calm conditions and the wind has gradually picked up, so that we’re sailing along swiftly, but in still rather calm seas under sunny skies. That kind of start is much more pleasant than swapping from the lagoon to rough ocean… Continue reading »


Stopover in Faaite

We came in to Faaite yesterday afternoon. We took a walk around the lovely little village today (just 400 people live here) and arranged an appointment with the mayor. We asked about the status of Tahanea, found out that the people of Faaite see it rather as a food reserve than a nature reserve and tried to convince the mayor to actively protect the bird… Continue reading »


Leaving Tahanea

This morning we set the alarm clock to 3 and sailed out through the westernmost pass of Tahanea at 4. The night was brightly lit by a still almost full moon, but I was still a bit nervous, because we had not been through that pass before. In the end it was calm and easy to exit and we set sail towards the neighbouring Faaite… Continue reading »



Yesterday we were anchored off ‘smurf island’ in the middle of the lagoon. During the night a northwesterly wind set in (the forecast had nothing but easterlies predicted…) and we got dangerously close to the steep reef off the island. We brought out a second anchor at 1 o’clock in the morning and spent a rather restless night with fortunately not strong, but consistent winds… Continue reading »


Weather quirks

The French Polynesian Meteo as well as the grib files predicted a disturbance with wind clocking to the north, then west, south and finally southeast. During such episodes the southerly and/or southeasterly winds are usually strong which the Polynesians call ‘Maramu’. Ideally we would hop from anchorage to anchorage around an atoll to be on the protected side, but in an atoll as big as… Continue reading »


Bird islands in peril

Tahanea was the first atoll we ever sailed too. We were enchanted by the bird colonies and healthy reefs and expected other atolls to be just like that. We were disappointed wherever we went. On populated atolls the motus were all burned down (‘cleaned’) at some point and the endemic shrubs replaced by coconut plantations where people make copra that is then turned into palm… Continue reading »



It would be hard to find a more perfect spot than beautiful Tahanea for our 6th cruising anniversary. As an anniversary present we got ourselves a phantastic snorkel trip through the pass with white tips, black tips, grey reef sharks and even a lemon shark, and as a special highlight an eagle ray and a turtle passing by to congratulate


Lagoon sailing

It’s a pleasure to sail across a calm lagoon on a sunny day, but yesterday’s trip from the northernmost point to the pass area was quite exciting. Sailing close-hauled in quite some wind (around 20 knots) we were dodging bommies and of course a fish decided to bite just as the wind was gusting up a bit. Now we’re anchored next to the northernmost pass,… Continue reading »


Around the atoll

We’re enjoying our time in Tahanea, moving around the atoll according to the wind and spending the days with a nice balance between boat projects and fun like snorkeling, kayaking and long walks along the motus. At this time of the year a big fleet of yachts passes through the Tuamotus. We see some of them on the AIS, hear them talking on the VHF… Continue reading »

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