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After a few grey days with lots of squalls, yesterday morning it was sunny again and the wind was blowing from the NE. Despite contradicting weather forecasts we couldn’t resist the opportunity and set out towards the neighbouring atoll Toao. I mean, what can go wrong on a passage that’s only 30 nm? We sailed across the lagoon, out of the pass at the wrong… Continue reading »


4D Bimini

The bimini’s a sun shade/rain cover that is kept over the cockpit by 4 tubes. As we like being dry and shaded off during passages as well and never take our bimini down (some sailors do so regularly), it gets some wear and tear over the year. It got chafed through at the aft edge and we knew we’d have to repair that damage before… Continue reading »


Mending, sewing, repairing

We have been in Apataki now for a few days, but we haven’t seen much of the atoll. We visited Sonja, Tom and Keanu (SY Pakia Tea) who have their catamaran here out on the hard, in the only (but somewhat improvised) out-haul facility in the Tuamotus. Apart from that we’ve stayed on board and did sewing-machine jobs. First came a sail repair, as the… Continue reading »



When the stream of water from the tap no longer hits the sink, but swerves beyond the rim, you know you’re heeling too much… This passage was only 220 nm as the frigate bird flies, but we tacked up and down and the mixture of too much wind (30+ knots) and not enough wind (less than 10 knots) was rather tiring. Initially we had planned… Continue reading »



After a bouncy and splashy day (things that have never before moved, managed to jump headfirst into the cabin–we’ll see if the printer survived…) we’re now sailing along nicely in about 15 knots from the east. The Tuamotus are spreadout east of Tahiti, so we’re tacking and trying to figure out which atoll we can reach this way.


Towards the Tuamotus

Yesterday we set out from Moorea towards the Tuamotus, first too much wind, then not enough, now too much again–sailing’s not always easy…


Hiker’s paradise Moorea

At the moment there’s a strong Maraamu (southeasterly wind) blowing that brings cool air to French Polynesia, but we’re nicely protected from the wind here in Cook’s Bay on the northern side of Moorea. Moorea is a spectacular little island with steep mountains, calderas and lush valleys and the breezy weather’s perfect to explore the numerous hiking tracks that crisscross the island. During our last… Continue reading »


From Tahiti to Moorea

I’ve just checked our emails and realised that we haven’t posted a blog in two weeks. The reason isn’t that there was nothing going on, but just on the contary there was indeed too much to do on Pitufa to keep up with the blog. We had a rental car for 24 hours (afternoon to afternoon, very convenient for shopping), bought 2 car loads (4… Continue reading »


A new watermaker!

It’s been a sunny, hot week here in Taina (despite the fact that it’s still supposed to be winter), but we didn’t see much of the weather as we spent most of our time in the bilge. We removed the floorboards and the companionway ladder in the mornings and worked on the watermaker parts all day. The cat thought that was very strange behaviour and… Continue reading »


Still snotty

The virus Christian brought back from the plane turned out to be quite persistent and annoying. Of course I got it two days after Christian and we’ve been snotty, sneezing and coughing a duet for over a week now. In the meantime we’ve managed to install the main pump of the watermaker. It’s too big to fit into the bilge like the old one, so… Continue reading »


Smurf crew complete again

Christian got back on Wednesday morning, so the smurf crew’s complete again! Unfortunately he caught a cold on the plane, so the planned projects (watermaker installation, replacing hoses on the yanmar, etc) will be a bit postponed. We’re not on a tight schedule, so we’re just taking it slowly for the moment.


A house without a cat is not a home…

…according to the proverb and a boat without a cat isn’t one either–at least in my humble opinion I’ve now been alone with Leeloo on the boat for two and half weeks, but it’s impossible to feel lonely with a furry companion who’s always around and always talks back I love the way… …she climbs up the steep companion way stairs looking like a little… Continue reading »


Sunday in Tahiti

As I’m alone at the moment I spend most days below deck, working on my sofa-upholstery-renewal project, writing articles or making jewellery. After such a productive day I try to stretch my legs doing long walks around the yacht club area and up in the surrounding hills in the evenings. Arue is a suburb of Papeete (the city has long overgrown its borders and incorporated… Continue reading »


Smurfettes alone at home

Christian left for Austria last Wednesday morning, so Leeloo and I have been alone on Pitufa for almost a week. We have been good girls, produced about 20 pearl necklaces during the first days and today we sewed two new covers for the sofa upholstery. Well, to be honest, I did most of the work, but Leeloo supervised and sat on everything that was work… Continue reading »


Sweet dreams

Since we set out we’ve bought new mattresses twice–each a little bit more expensive than the last one, but still not comfortable. Last week we decided to go for high quality and bought two latex matresses. Our bed in the aft cabin is very oddly shaped so we have to buy 2 queen size mattresses, cut them into shape and resew the cover. What sounds… Continue reading »

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