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We visited Makatea, a raised atoll just a bit NE of Tahiti, in October 2019. There used to be phosphate mining, the overgrown relics look like an open-air museum. Ask for Ruben to get a tour of the island!

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1/24: Makatea is a raised atoll
2/24: Anchoring is difficult, but there are some moorings installed.
3/24: Small boat harbour
4/24: Right at our first walk around we got invited by locals.
6/24: Coconut crabs are plentiful on the island
7/24: Entrance to the biggest cave system on the eastern side.
8/24: We went swimming in the underground freshwater pools with fellow cruisers.
9/24: Ruben showed us around the island.
10/24: There used to be phosphate mining on the islands. Many relicts remain...
11/24: The bread oven
12/24: Gigantic machine shop
13/24: Makatea is the only island in FP with a railway...
15/24: During the long years of mining, the sand-phosphate mix was removed and the barren island remained. Now it's partly overgrown again.
16/24: These cliffs used to be the outer reef before the island was raised by tectonic movements.
21/24: Ruben and his wife organise excursions, his uncle has a little pension and at their snack visitors can order local specialities.
23/24: They sell veg fresh from their garden.
24/24: passion fruit flower