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Pitufino–the next-generation navdata Wi-Fi gateway!

Pitufino sends GPS, AIS and instrument data from your boat's nav devices to your favourite chart-plotter apps, and...

...comes with sophisticated apps that run in your browser (these don't even need to be installed).

The Sailing Instruments app includes an auto-pilot controller and shows all data relevant for sailiing, including waypoint data, laylines, AIS targets, long-term averages and logbook (here in night colors).

The Multi Display app lets you create your fully customized instrument view, including engine dashboards and tank displays, or...

...for instance a dedicated auto-pilot remote control.

The Anchor Watch app is a dedicated instrument view for times at anchor, including an anchor alarm and a rotation counter.

Pitufino's alarm system also integrates NMEA2000 alarms sent from Raymarine and Navico (Simrad, B&G, ...) devices.

With Pitufino you don't need any other NMEA converters any more.

Pitufino–a real alternative to expensive chart plotters!

Where to get Pitufino?

Visit our online shop at currently-marine.com to order.

Demo devices can be tested at
Marine Mörth (Graz, Austria),
Tahiti Yacht Accessoire (Marina Taina, Tahiti)
and at The Yacht Shop in Fiji.

Learn more about Pitufino

Pitufino's data routing and filtering (relevant for streaming NMEA0183 data over Wi-Fi and for conversions between NMEA0183 and NMEA2000):

Apps can send nav data (e.g. waypoint data from your chart-plotter software) back to your nav devices. It's even possible to use your phone as a GPS source for the entire navigation network (for instance in an emergency):

NMEA2000 device list and source selection:

NMEA2000 settings:

Settings for an NMEA0183 port (example for a connected AIS):

Some apps expect non-standard transducer IDs. You can change them so your app gets the data:

Our cumbersome pre-existing solution aboard Pitufa that needed 4 additional devices:

...and the new set-up using a Pitufino:

Do you already have a Wi-Wi network on your boat? Simply connect Pitufino to your existing network:

Which autopilots does Pitufino support?

The current firmware supports Raymarine's SeatalkNG/NMEA2000 pilots like Evolution EV-1/2 (note, EV-1 is included in system packs like EV-100/200/300/400) or the older SPX 10/30/Solenoid as well as NMEA2000 pilots from Navico/Simrad/B&G like NAC-3/NAC-2 or AC42. Since firmware V1.5.0 also Garmin's Reactor NMEA2000 pilots are supported. We are working on support for others.

User and Installation Manual

The manual can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Planned features for upcoming firmware versions

Pitufino is under active development to include new features and to extend its range of applications even wider. On our to-do list are

Latest Firmware: V1.5.5

Download the latest version here.

Download the previous release V1.4.5 here (This is the last version including the NMEA2000 Actisense server).

Changes since V1.5.4:

Changes since V1.5.3:

Changes since V1.5.2:

Changes since V1.5.1:

Changes since V1.5.0:

Changes since V1.4.5:

Changes since V1.4.4:

Changes since V1.4.3:

Changes since V1.4.2:

Changes since V1.4.1:

Changes since V1.4.0:

Changes since V1.3.9:

Changes since V1.3.8:

Changes since V1.3.7:

Changes since V1.3.4:

Changes since V1.3.2:

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