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Pitufino–not just another nav-data Wi-Fi gateway!

Pitufino sends GPS, AIS and instrument data from your boat's nav devices to your favourite chart-plotter apps, and...

...comes with sophisticated apps that run in your browser (these don't even need to be installed).

The Sailing Instruments app includes an auto-pilot controller and shows all data relevant for sailiing, including waypoint data, laylines, AIS targets, long-term averages and logbook (here in night colors).

The Multi Display app lets you create your fully customized instrument view, including engine dashboards and tank displays, or...

...for instance a dedicated auto-pilot remote control.

The Anchor Watch app is a dedicated instrument view for times at anchor, including an anchor alarm and a rotation counter.

With Pitufino you don't need any other NMEA converters any more.

Where to get Pitufino?

Visit our online shop at currently-marine.com to order.

Learn more about Pitufino

Pitufino's data routing and filtering (relevant for streaming NMEA0183 data over Wi-Fi and for conversions between NMEA0183 and NMEA2000):

Apps can send nav data (e.g. waypoint data from your chart-plotter software) back to your nav devices. It's even possible to use your phone as a GPS source for the entire navigation network (for instance in an emergency):

NMEA2000 device list and source selection:

NMEA2000 settings:

Settings for an NMEA0183 port (example for a connected AIS):

Some apps expect non-standard transducer IDs. You can change them so your app gets the data:

Our cumbersome pre-existing solution aboard Pitufa that needed 4 additional devices:

...and the new set-up using a Pitufino:

Do you already have a Wi-Wi network on your boat? Simply connect Pitufino to your existing network:

Which autopilots does Pitufino support?

The current firmware supports Raymarine's SeatalkNG/NMEA2000 pilots like Evolution EV-1/2 (note, EV-1 is included in system packs like EV-100/200/300/400) or the older SPX 10/30/Solenoid as well as NMEA2000 pilots from Navico/Simrad/B&G like NAC-3/NAC-2 or AC42. Since firmware V1.5.0 also Garmin's Reactor NMEA2000 pilots are supported. We are working on support for others.

User and Installation Manual

The manual can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Planned features for upcoming firmware versions

Pitufino is under active development to include new features and to extend its range of applications even wider. On our to-do list are

Latest Firmware: V1.5.0

Download the latest version here.

Download the previous release V1.4.5 here (This is the last version including the NMEA2000 Actisense server).

Changes since V1.4.5:

Changes since V1.4.4:

Changes since V1.4.3:

Changes since V1.4.2:

Changes since V1.4.1:

Changes since V1.4.0:

Changes since V1.3.9:

Changes since V1.3.8:

Changes since V1.3.7:

Changes since V1.3.4:

Changes since V1.3.2:

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