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In October 2018 we visited Tubuai. We took a while to find a cozy anchorage, but then we enjoyed the hiking and the friendly people.

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1/24: Sporty sailing on the way to Tubuai.
2/24: Approaching the pass.
3/24: We were rolling horribly on the northern side off the main village even though we were anchored with a stern line behind the breakwater...
4/24: Fresh local produce is available at many stands--really convenient!
5/24: We got a funny ride up the path to the Mt. Taitaa (the highest mountain). The tractor was clearing the path for a marathon event...
6/24: An incredible rock arrangement up on the peak of the otherwise smooth mountain.
8/24: View of the fertile plains and the lagoon.
9/24: Only few endemic plants like this tree fern are left...
10/24: The slopes are overgrown by invasive strawberry guavas.
11/24: Looking back after a steep descent on the northside of the mountain.
12/24: Christian 'at the office' doing internet jobs in the prettiest post office of French Polynesia.
13/24: Bee hives
14/24: When the rolling got unbearable on the northside we slowly made our way through the shallow lagoon to the western side.
15/24: We met Viri while hitchhiking. He invited us to his home...
16/24: ...and offered to take us up the mountain behind his house: Mt. Pahatu.
17/24: Viri cleared the way with his machete.
18/24: We heard many stories and legends about Tubuai.
19/24: 'Hare mai!' - follow me :-)
20/24: The peak of Mt. Pahatu.
22/24: Tropic birds circle the peak.
23/24: After the hike we got a tour of the island and visited a marae (temple) in the forest.