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We were happy to find one of the few remaining bird islands in the South Pacific with large colonies of boobies, noddies and terns--only to discover that it's for sale, hopefully the new owner won't ruin it... Just 3 Million USD ;-)

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1/32: We had fair weather for the trip northwards in the Lau group.
2/32: The Lau group is so dense, we passed many islands...
3/32: ...and submerged reefs.
5/32: We stopped at the pass and went snorkeling.
6/32: Bare rocks, a few scattered coral, a few lost-looking fishies, but otherwise lifeless! We have no explanation...
7/32: We anchored Pitufa on the pretty, sandy shelf off the island, but we were pitching and rolling badly...
8/32: Landing in the high surf wasn't easy.
9/32: We flew the drone from the terrace of this abandoned beach house.
12/32: Then we took Pitufa through a narrow channel between coral heads to the other side of the island.
13/32: A bit better, but still rock'n roll despite a stern line...
15/32: Wailangilala consists of two island parts. The abandoned resort is located on the southern island.
16/32: The northern half remains (yet) untouched.
17/32: We took a walk and found the main buildings with technical stuff in some chaos and disrepair.
19/32: Six bungalows are hidden in the dense forest.
20/32: The white beaches are stunning...
24/32: Turtle tracks to a nest!
26/32: The north island is full of birds: redfooted boobies in the trees...
27/32: And the biggest colony of brown boobies we've seen in a long time.
32/32: We hope that the new owner won't ruin this paradise...