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In September 2018 we spent 10 rolly days anchored on the outer reef of Aitutaki (Southern Cook Islands). We found lots of tourists and not many sights or things to do...

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1/24: Calm passage from Tongareva southwards.
2/24: Intermediate stop in Manuae with a whale encounter.
3/24: On to Aitutaki.
4/24: Dock in Aitutaki.
5/24: Finally a bar again (Tongareva is a dry island ;-))
6/24: Many different congregations.
7/24: Many Cook Islanders have moved to New Zealand.
11/24: Up the highest hill.
13/24: Pitufa far, far out!
14/24: Boats that draw more than 1.6 m can't go into the lagoon.
15/24: Advantage of the anchorage outside: humpback whales were hanging out around Pitufa every day.
16/24: It was mostly rainy and windy, so Leeloo prefered her conservatory...
17/24: ...to the rough conditions outside.
18/24: Bike tour.
21/24: Nursery for giant clams at the marine research station--despite their efforts the locals keep harvesting them in the lagoon...
24/24: The shores are dotted with ressorts and hotels.