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In 2015, during our third visit to the Gambier islands, we finally made it to Akamaru. Its anchorages are a bit inconvenient, but this lovely island is definitely worth the effort.

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1/24: Akamaru's village dock.
3/24: The village is well maintained although only three families live here permanently.
4/24: The oversized church gives an idea of the former size of the village.
6/24: The school was closed in the late 50s.
7/24: The old cemetery.
8/24: Vanilla plantation.
9/24: This weekend house creatively incorporates an old stone house.
10/24: Many others remain as ruins.
12/24: Beach in the south of Akamaru's small sister island Mekiro.
13/24: On Mekiro's peak. Pitufa is anchored far off, only shallow-draft vessels can enter.
14/24: Remy's house boat in the lagoon.
16/24: Kayaking along the west coast of Akamaru.
19/24: View from Akamaru's southern tip towards Mangareva,...
20/24: ...towards Taravai...
21/24: ...and Akamaru itself.
24/24: Unspoiled beach on Akamaru's west coast.