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In June 2024 we spent 3 weeks at the southernmost (inhabited) island of Vanuatu: we loved the friendly villages on Anatom (thanks for all the fruit!) and we had little Mystery Island just to ourselves without any cruise-ships with endless beach walks and great snorkeling!

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1/36: We anchored Pitufa in the protected bay of Anatom--one of the few calm anchorages in Vanuatu.
2/36: The main village seems prosperous with tidy houses and lots of infrastructure.
3/36: Almost everything in the village is sponsored by a cruise-ship company.
4/36: Some ruins remain from the church and monastery the first missionaries had built.
5/36: In Vanuatu Kava is not dried and pounded, but the fresh roots are minced!
7/36: charset=Unicode Gleich neben unserem Ankerplatz liegt ein kleineres Dorf und Bertrand und sein Bruder Ernesto führten uns herum.
8/36: Bread oven
9/36: Traditional, little houses made from woven coconut leaves.
10/36: The wreck of an old freighter on the beach.
11/36: Only one clan lives in the village and we got invited to have some "after-work" kava with the men.
13/36: It tastes like it looks and much to our surprise it's very strong--making your head spin after the first bowl...
14/36: For the first week we looked over at the little island just off Anatom. It's local name doesn't sound very romantic (and the villagers told us that it used to be a lepra colony...), so it was renamed "Mystery Island" for the cruise ship tourists ;-)
15/36: We anchored Pitufa off the gigantic dock built for the cruise ship shuttles.
16/36: Tiny Mystery features not only cruiseship facilities, but also an airport!
17/36: The whole, uninhabited island is manicured for tourists.
18/36: A toilet every few metres seems to be obligatory for cruise ship destinations ;-)
21/36: Air Vanuatu is bankrupt and no cruise ship was scheduled, so we had the island just to ourselves for 2 weeks!
29/36: Water temperatures were down to 26°C (BRRR), but we still went snorkeling and were pleasantly surprised to find healthy coral!
30/36: Locals told us that cyclone Pam badly damaged the reef, but it's recovering nicely
35/36: charset=Unicode Die Gewässer rund um Mystery sind eine Marine Reserve! Die Fische sind zwar nur geschützt, damit die Touristen was zu schauen haben, aber egal, Schutz ist Schutz!