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On the way from French Polynesia to Niue we stopped for two nights at Beveridge Reef, a submerged atoll without any motus. Being anchored without land in sight turned out to be a special, but bouncy experience.

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1/15: Rough ride with daily runs of over 140 nm
2/15: The breakers only got visible 4 nm away from the reef. Scary as it's not accurately charted...
3/15: The first peek over the breakers into the lagoon.
4/15: Approaching the pass we were surrounded by squalls.
5/15: In the lagoon.
10/15: The next morning started squally again...
11/15: but then the sun came out and showed the amazing colours.
12/15: View from the first spreader.
14/15: What's wrong with our antenna tuner?
15/15: It drowned in its box, reanimation efforts proved unsuccessful.