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The name triggers associations of the perfect Southsea paradise at home. The landscape of the island's really extraordinary, but the sheer amount of hotels and traffic spoil the picture a bit. We stopped there twice while island hopping in September 2015.

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1/22: Approaching Bora Bora eastwards from Maupiti
2/22: Bora Bora's two central peaks tower over the small lagoon, ...
3/22: ...dominate the scenery from all viewpoints.
4/22: Anchorage off the famous Bloody Marys restaurant.
5/22: From there, we hiked up the ridge...
6/22: ...and had stunning views.
7/22: Hotel bungalows grow like mushrooms from the shores and motus .
8/22: Apparently, a (sun-adoring) hermit set up a cosy dwelling on this peak. We also stumbled over a tiny hut and garden.
9/22: Looking east towards Tahaa and Raiatea.
10/22: Cruise ships come and go on a daily basis.
11/22: Shuttles take the tourists ashore,...
12/22: ...they are welcomed in style...
13/22: ...packed in buses...
14/22: ...and shown around the attractions.
15/22: Also the fruits have tourist prices.
17/22: The few underwater attractions teem with excursion boats.
18/22: This barracuda is a regular at the fish feeding buffet.
20/22: Our fridge broke and we spent a long time waiting for the fridge mechanic off the Mai Tai restaurant.
21/22: In the meantime some other projects (here a new feed pump of the watermaker) got attention.