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In August 2016 we decided to sail from Tonga back to Tahiti. Using shifting winds during passing troughs we sailed in short hops eastwards from island to island.

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1/20: Close-hauled
2/20: Miserable first day at sea. Preparing Tzatziki for dinner.
3/20: Cruiser gathering at the Niue Yacht Club.
4/20: Trip to Niue's Southeast side.
5/20: The spiky, alien landscape around Togo Chasm.
7/20: A little gap opens...
8/20: to a sandy oasis.
11/20: A cave leads to the rough coast.
12/20: Niue's weird sculpture park on the East side.
13/20: A humpback whale waved us into the pass of Beveridge Reef.
14/20: Inside the lagoon of Beveridge Reef.
15/20: Looking from the lagoon to a wreck on the reef and a leaping humpback whale just outside.
16/20: This wreck is the only object above the surface of Beveridge Reef.
17/20: Exiting the pass was rough due to wind against current.
18/20: Yellowfin Tuna
20/20: Sashimi for dinner.