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We arrived in Fiji on June 1, spent a week in Savusavu, did some shopping and sail repairs and sailed on to the little islands of Namena (a marine reserve with great reefs) and Makogai (a former leper colony).

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1/28: We spent the first week on one of the moorings of Waitui Marina in Savusavu.
2/28: Great veg on the market!
3/28: Many Indians live here, so all kinds of spices are available.
4/28: Kava is a dried root that the locals grind and mix with water to get a mildly narcotic drink. It's an obligatory present when visiting outer islands, so we got some too.
5/28: Provisioned!
6/28: We spent another week anchored behind the reef just outside Savusavu.
7/28: Raised coral structures are typical for Fiji.
9/28: We spent most of the time repairing sails...
10/28: But in between we made it into the water to play with clown fishies...
11/28: This far west in the Pacific plenty of soft coral grows.
13/28: We were pleasantly surprised how healthy the reef just outside of town looks.
14/28: Lots and lots of tiny fishies, but the bigger ones have been fished out.
16/28: Our first daysail brought us to Namena, a nature reserve with plenty of seabirds ashore...
17/28: ...and great snorkeling.
20/28: Some bleaching...
21/28: ...but the majority is in good shape.
22/28: Here we finally saw swarms of bigger fish as well.
24/28: Our next stop was at the island of Makogai, where we visited a Marine Station.
25/28: Unfortunately only a few of the many basins contain some giant clam babies.
26/28: This is how big giant clams are supposed to grow...
27/28: Until 1969 there was a leper colony on the island, only a few buildings and many graves remain.