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Suva is an ideal stop-over to stock up on provisioning with cheap supermarkets and market as well as well-stocked hard-ware stores and posh supermarkets with a wide array of goodies. We stayed there two weeks, renewed our visa and did way too much shopping.

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1/24: The reef pass into Suva harbour is well marked--by wrecks...
2/24: Inside it's not really pretty...
3/24: ...with many more wrecks, some still floating, others sunk.
4/24: With bus or taxi it's not far to Suva downtown with the poorer parts of town around the market area.
5/24: Here stuff still gets repaired...
6/24: Tiny shops and second-hand things in gloomy passages.
7/24: The shiny world of the western-style malls is a stark contrast.
8/24: Veg and fruit are cheap at the market.
10/24: And of course kava: we bought some bundles to be prepared for the little islands where a sevu-sevu (kava present) is needed.
12/24: The government district is posh and polished.
15/24: Christian was happy about the well-stocked hardware stores.
16/24: I was happy about the abundance of cheap, good curry places!
17/24: We stocked up on basic food in the cheap supermarkets...
18/24: ...and bought way to many goodies in the expensive supermarkets for expats and rich Fijians.
19/24: On the weekends we fled the harbour to a quiet anchorage in the outer reef just 2 miles from downtown Suva.
20/24: An ideal spot to work on projects.
21/24: Close to Town...
22/24: ...yet away from the hustle and bustle!