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When we started discussing the problem of overfishing with the people of Matuku last year we found open ears: they were already concerned and considering options. Ratu Niu (the chief of Yaroi) and Roko Tuni (the headman of Yaroi) as well as Cama (the headman of Lomati) and Tui (the conservation representative) are eager to protect the resources of their island for future generations! We started a fundraiser to help the islanders (thanks for all donations!!) and Tony and David Philp of Trade Winds Marine sponsored and fabricated the material for the markers. The project will go on over the next years, let's hope it will help Matuku's reefs to stay healthy and the fishermen to have sustainable resources. Please keep supporting Matuku!

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1/26: Some members of the tabu committee with the material sponsored by Trade Winds Marine
2/26: Tuni, the headman of Yaroi made the weights
4/26: Maikeli splicing the ropes
5/26: Setting out the first one:
6/26: Perfectly positioned!!
7/26: Preparing the next marker
9/26: ... and set!
11/26: The minister blessing the tabu with chief Ratu Nui and the heads of Yaroi's clans praying
12/26: We went to all four corners of the Tabu to repeat the blessing
18/26: Some kava drinking afterwards ;-)
19/26: Ratu Niu, chief of Yaroi and Matuku
20/26: Some parts of Matuku's reef are already damaged
21/26: But hopefully the reefs and the biodiversity will recover under the protection of the Tabu!
24/26: Matuku's located southeast of Suva
25/26: The three Tabu zones, the one next to the main pass is a perfectly snorkeling spot!
26/26: Pitufa anchored in the middle of the biggest Tabu area - a good anchorage, protected behind the island of Wailagi and good holding in sand.