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After 3 years in the water it was time to haul out again, even though our antifouling was still in surprisingly good shape! We stayed out for 10 days, changed the cutlass bearing, did 2 layers of antifouling (Carboline Alloy 100, great stuff for aluminium boats), some cosmetic paint jobs on the bow, renewed a thru-hull and did some interiour plumbing. Vuda is a nice yard with friendly staff, a restaurant with lunch specials and a bar as a meeting point, but even though we were lucky with the weather and only had occasional showers, the area around Pitufa was a swamp and the lack of chandleries made it necessary to run endless errands to hardware stores in town and the chandleries down in Denarau.

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1/16: The travelift quickly had Pitufa out of the water, but then they couldn't lift her up, because her radar arch is too high?! Christian quickly had to climb up to dismount the wind generator and antennas...
2/16: Most neighbours were still in their pits where they had spent the whole cyclone season tied down.
3/16: 2 Schichten Carboline Alloy 100
4/16: Pitufa was as always one of the highest boats in the yards (she draws 2.1 m)
5/16: The swamp around our boat...
6/16: Christian used the chance to exchange thru-hulls and plumbing--the outlet of the toilet was nearly blocked already...
7/16: Changing the cutlass bearing turned into a major project as the old one refused to come off.
8/16: Mechanics couldn't help and in the end Christian built a make-shift extractor.
9/16: Finally we got the all-rubber bearing to move! We would never buy something like that again...
10/16: While we were working in the yard, Marshall Sails serviced our 3 foresails and redid the UV strips
11/16: All work finished!
12/16: It's always exciting to watch your boat being driven around, but Pitufa was in experienced hands.
13/16: Happy to see her splash again after one and half weeks of hard work on the hard!
15/16: Back in the water in Vuda Marina
16/16: While we were out of the water we gave our anchor to Elisha Engineering in Ba (north of Lautoka) to have it zink sprayed--it came back super shiny, hopefully the effect will last!!