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Just north of Ono lies a tiny islet that is traditionally "tabu" (meaning taboo: locals told us that nobody is allowed ashore to protect the seabird colonies) and on top of that an officially recognised wildlife sanctuary! We anchored close to the island to observe the birds, but did not go ashore.

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1/20: In light winds from the north, we used the opportunity to anchor on the southern side of little Yabu.
2/20: We were thrilled to see the seabird colonies, but alas, none to were around...
4/20: In the evening the redfooted boobies and frigate birds arrived!
5/20: More and more flocked in from all sides
6/20: By dusk the trees were covered in birds...
7/20: ...and we listened to the raucous choir squawking and quacking--greeting new arrivals and fending unwanted neighbours off ;-)
8/20: Typical for the summer weather when the convergence zone is close: thunderstorms in the evenings
9/20: The next day we put a shoreline to be even better protected from waves that were wrapping around the island.
15/20: We could watch the birds even better from our anchorage so close to the beach, but they didn't mind us at all.
16/20: The reef around Yabu is mainly healthy and quite lively with little fishies!
19/20: In January we saw shore temperatures over 30 degrees and the table coral and staghorn were already bleached.
20/20: Other parts were still healthy and as the coral close to shore must be used to such temperatures, we hope they are able to survive such temperatures.