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Even though it was our 5th visit to the Gambier Islands we still found plenty of new things to explore over and under water and had a good time revisiting friends and places.

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1/48: On the way from Rapa to the Gambier Islands this big male Mahi-Mahi reluctantly joined us.
2/48: We hiked up the ridge of Akamaru...
3/48: ...with Tom, Sonja and Keanu (SY Pakia Tea).
4/48: Tropic birds soar around the peaks of Akamaru.
6/48: View to the NW: the village of Akamaru and Mangareva in the background.
7/48: View to the W: Taravai.
8/48: View to the SW: Kamaka, Makaroa and Manui.
10/48: Birgit's Mom visited us for a few weeks.
13/48: The wild south of the archipelago: pristine motu Kouaku with lots of nesting noddies and white terns.
15/48: Greater crested terns.
18/48: Beach-BBQ with our friends on Avatar, Pakia Tea and Mango.
19/48: Snorkeling off Kouaku the underwater world's still fine with healthy coral and plenty of fish.
21/48: We visited the rock islands in the South for the first time. Only during calm days without swell it's possible to anchor off Kamaka.
23/48: The private island belongs to just one family, we got a guided tour :-)
26/48: Dinghy excursion around Kamaka.
27/48: Lots of boobies live on the cliffs.
28/48: Even on a calm day the swell breaks impressively on the cliffs.
30/48: Just one sandy anchoring spot amid the coral.
31/48: The neighbouring island of Makaroa is uninhabited.
33/48: Sonja and Tom (Pakia Tea, www.planet-ocean.at) went diving with us and gave us the pictures they took with their professional underwater cameras. Thanks a lot!
34/48: We went scuba diving just off the stern and found beautiful coral formations in incredibly clear water. Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
35/48: Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
36/48: Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
37/48: Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
38/48: Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
39/48: Photo credit: www.planet-ocean.at
40/48: Busy days in the main anchorage of Rikitea: the supply ship Taporo had to anchor in the anchorfield, because the dock was occupied by another supply ship.
41/48: View from Mt. Mokoto down the ridge of Mangareva with lots of pearl farms to the left and the bay of Rikitea to the right.
42/48: View from Mangareva over the channel to Taravai.
43/48: Valerie and Herve on Taravai organised BBQs with cruisers almost every Sunday.
47/48: When we went hiking with Mike and Shelly (Avatar) on Taravai, 3 little piggies accompanied us all the way up the mountain.
48/48: Goodbye Gambier, Valerie sent us off from Taravai with orchids from her garden.