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We spent this El Niño cyclone season in the Marquesas. We really enjoyed the hospitality and generosity of the Marquesans, but 5 months in the open and rolly bays were quite a long time. Here are a few impressions of the northern group: Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou and Ua Huka.

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1/50: We had a squally passage up northeast from the Tuamotus.
2/50: The anchorages on Ua Pou are open and rolly...
3/50: ...but the landscape with the rock spires is just amazing.
4/50: We sailed over to Ua Huka, which is one of the least visited islands of the Marquesas.
5/50: The only fish we caught in the Marquesas--a yellow fin tuna.
6/50: Ua Huka is tricky to visit, only during very calm times it's comfortable to anchor in the open bays on the southern side.
8/50: There are only 3 small villages in the south, the north is uninhabited.
9/50: The people were amazing. A woman picked us up as hitchhikers, took us home for lunch...
10/50: ...showed us around the island and finally took us on fruit quest (her daughter in law is operating the mango stick).
11/50: Next we visited Nuku Hiva. There were around 60 boats crowding the anchorage off Taiohae.
12/50: We hiked up to the highest mountain of Nuku Hiva in dense fog.
15/50: When we were on top it suddently cleared up and we got a great view of Taiohae.
16/50: Taiohae's daily veg and fruit market.
17/50: Hitchhiking is a great way of getting around on the island (in this case the horse tied to the car set the pace).
19/50: In November Nuku Hiva's dancing group did an official rehearsal for the festival in December.
20/50: Cruiser babies--all these newborn babies and their moms live on sailing boats.
23/50: We used the long cyclone season to get boat projects done:
24/50: cleaning the diesel tank
25/50: the new gasket for the inspection opening of the tank
26/50: Engine maintenance
27/50: our dinghy cover finally got finished
29/50: We got rid of the rusty tap and flaky varnish in the galley.
32/50: The waterfall at the head of a side valley of Taipivai.
33/50: El Nino brought lots of rain to the Marquesas.
34/50: A thick layer of monoi (coconut oil) is the only protection against the biting nonos, note the drowned specimen...
35/50: El Nino weather with storms, flood and landslides did quite some damage in the valley of Taipivai.
37/50: Norma, the friendly postwoman of Taipivai took us on a ride to the north coast of Nuku Hiva (she had to fill in for a colleague in Aakapa)
38/50: We set out at 6 o'clock in the morning.
40/50: Reached the northcoast in Hatiheu and followed the coastal road to westwards.
41/50: We took a walk through Aakapa.
42/50: Ukulele manufacturer
43/50: We hiked up the ridge west of Aakapa.
46/50: And returned to the village...
47/50: ...just in time to get a ride back with Norma.
48/50: She stopped on the way to show us the temple platforms in Hatiheu.