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We spent this El Niño cyclone season in the Marquesas. We briefly visited Fatu Hiva and Hiva Oa and stayed long at our favourite island Tahuata.

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1/50: Impressive swell lifting the anchor field in Hanavave Baie, Fatu Hiva.
2/50: Fatu Hiva's landscape was just as impressive...
3/50: and its waterfall just as refreshing as we remembered from our first visit 2 years earlier.
5/50: Dinghy landing in the fishing harbour of Hapatoni is safe and easy.
6/50: The pace of life in the village of Hapatoni is slow, the kids are surfing...
7/50: We then sailed to our favourite anchorage in Tahuata: Hanatefau...
8/50: ... where Jesus watches over the bay (a modern Jesus with lights and a solar panel)
9/50: The bay is more protected and comfy than it looks on the chart...
10/50: ... but also here the swell breaks impressively on the cliffs around the anchorage.
11/50: ... the adults playing petanque in the afternoon (on the main road).
12/50: Almost everybody in the village is an artist.
13/50: Bone and wood carvings.
14/50: Carving a puu (horn).
15/50: Cruisers congregate in the mornings with their laptops to use the internet connection of the primary school.
16/50: One teacher for the 10 kids of the village teaches 3 levels in the same room.
17/50: Instead of a Christmas tree we decorated our Christmas spinach.
18/50: On the 24th of December we joined the villagers for the evening mass.
20/50: The next day the cruisers and the villagers got together...
21/50: ... for a potluck in the community hall.
24/50: Everybody wanted a photo with Cyril, the leader of the local dance group.
26/50: We had fun neighbours in the bay and lots of get-togethers around Christmas.
28/50: Cruising keeps young :-)
29/50: Hanatefau is also called dolphin bay and we had large groups hanging out around the boats for days.
34/50: We had no luck fishing in the Marquesas, but got fish from fellow cruisers.
35/50: We hiked across the island to the rugged eastern coast.
39/50: The road seems to consists mainly of potholes, more suitable for horses than for the few cars.
42/50: After 5 hours we reached the little village of Hanatetena.
43/50: Fortunately we got a ride back with a post car.
44/50: Teii's house is right next to the anchorage.
45/50: In exchange for a headlamp we got bags of veg and fruit
46/50: ... maniok and sweet potatoes
48/50: and a stack of bananas.
49/50: The main problem is to get the things unharmed out over the rocky shore again.
50/50: Apae (good bye) Marquesas! This puu serves as our new foghorn.