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In June 2016 we spent a week in Niue. The 'Rock of Polynesia' is a raised atoll and the smallest independent nation of the world, even though it's associated tightly with New Zealand. After 3 years in French Polynesia it was weird to chat with English speaking Polynesians.

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1/40: The low plateau of Niue only got visible in the rough seas and early light when we were almost there.
2/40: Finally arrived!
3/40: There is no harbour, all boats and dinghies must be lifted immediately up to the quay.
4/40: DIY crane operator--the dinghy is lifted by an electric winch, but then manpower is needed to veer the crane.
5/40: Then the dinghy is put onto a trolley...
6/40: ...and then moved to a parking spot.
7/40: The local yacht club has put out buoys for yachts, because the sea bottom is full of coral and drops steeply. If the wind shifts West, leaving is advisable, as this open ocean only gives shelter in trade wind conditions.
8/40: Downtown Alofi, the main settlement of Niue.
9/40: Graves dot the coastline, most have a great ocean view.
10/40: Most native Niueans live in New Zealand and Australia, ruins and ghost villages remain.
11/40: You have to be at the market early (6 o'clock) to catch local produce--not much is for sale.
13/40: Freighter from New Zealand (and planes) supply the supermarkets.
15/40: We rented bikes and explored the island. The coast is dotted with caves, pools and chasms.
16/40: Avaiki cave--it's weird to walk through coral rock...
17/40: Stalagmites and stalaktites have grown in the caves.
18/40: The sea pours into pools inside the caves and creates magical light effects.
20/40: Limu Pools
23/40: Hilo Beach--one of the few tiny sandy beaches.
24/40: View from Palaha cave
25/40: On the way to the Talaha Arches at the Northern Cape.
26/40: Emerald lizard
27/40: The way leads through a mighty cave...
29/40: ...and emerges at the stunning arches.
37/40: Matapla chasm.
38/40: We snorkeled the reef just off our boat and immediately saw the sea snakes Niue is famous for.
40/40: In order to compile charts of the western Pacific for cockpit chartplotter we had to cool our old laptop (which has a broken fan) externally. Improvisation is essential for cruisers...