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After our 'holidays' in the San Blas Islands we came to Portobelo to make repairs and to organize our canal transit. The constant rain in November slowed down our progress on these projects and we spent most of our time fighting mold and drying things. On the 15th of December we had our appointment for the Panama Canal transit, despite of our worries everything went perfectly smooth and we arrived happy and relieved on the 'other side' on the 16th of December. Hurray!

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1/30: The Bay of Portobelo seen from one of its several forts.
2/30: Portobelo's pilgrimage church...
3/30: ...famous for its Cristo Negro.
4/30: Old Spanish custom house.
5/30: Panama's famous chicken buses: old US school buses colourfully painted, usually packed full, and blaring earsplitting music.
7/30: 90% of our time in Portobelo the weather looked like this...
9/30: The anchorage off Club Nautico in Colon is frightfully near the cruise ship terminal.
10/30: In the evening Astro, our first advisor for the canal transit, came aboard in Colon's Flats anchorage.
12/30: We went in a packet with a big catamaran in the middle and s/v Spruce on the other side.
13/30: Strong currents and eddies in the first lock.
14/30: At least one of our line handlers, Marian from s/v Zenna, is working hard ;-)
15/30: We spent the night alongside Spruce in the Gatun Lake and were waitiing for our second advisor at dawn.
16/30: Our second advisor Francisco.
17/30: Racing across Lake Gatun to reach the next locks in time.
20/30: All clear aboard Spruce :-)
21/30: The helpers throw messenger lines with monkey fists to the boats...
22/30: ...which are used to pull the strong lines up from the boats.
24/30: Going down...
25/30: These locomotives are used for the big ships.
26/30: Harald from s/v Tagtraeumer needs to keep quite some tension in his line.
27/30: The gates of the last lock just opened--Pacific, we are coming!
28/30: Tme to celebrate!!!
29/30: Leeloo was hiding most of the time (she does not like other people aboard), so now she needs to check where we went.
30/30: Hello Panama City!