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I've been making creative pearl designs for almost 10 years now. High quality black pearls in combination with leather, fabric and stainless steel. Each design is unique!

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1/18: All our pearls come from the same high-quality pearl farm in the Gambier Islands.
2/18: The buoys keep the line with oyster baskets in a depth of 3 meters (shallower than at other farms).
3/18: The oysters need to be cleaned frequently. The shallow arrangement allows this job to be done without divers.
4/18: After a year in the water, the oyster is checked.
5/18: The pearl is carefully extracted.
6/18: Eric, the proud owner, is showing the morning's harvest.
8/18: A giant of almost 16mm diameter.
9/18: I started tinkering with pearls in 2014 and over the years the workshop on Pitufa became more and more professional.
10/18: I make mainly necklaces, but also bracelets, anklets and earrings.
11/18: A few examples of jewellery I made with leather, fabric cords and stainless steel wire.
12/18: All designs are unique!