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We rented a car and drove all around Viti Levu, the big main island of Fiji. We stayed at the Suva-i-Colo Eco Lodge https://www.rainforestecolodge.com.fj/, did some hiking and met friends from the Lau Islands, who were also visiting the capital.

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1/33: We took the Kings road from Nadi on the Western shore, via the North and East coast to Suva.
2/33: A long trip with not much too see...
3/33: Lots of sugar cane trucks
4/33: Barren hills and some cows
5/33: Some views along the northern shore...
6/33: ...and lots of trash along the road.
8/33: Construction going on all along the road to fight the deep potholes
9/33: We reached our eco-lodge just north of Suva in the Colo-i-Suva Forest Park in the evening.
12/33: A nice lodge with a good restaurant
13/33: We had booked a super-cheap, basic room and were surprised to have a balcony with a great view!
14/33: We only braved the pool once: now in winter the night temperatures go below 20° at the coast and down to 15° up in the forest...
16/33: A hot shower and a cup of tea after the swim ;-)
17/33: We visited the national park twice
24/33: The main reason we went to Suva was to meet "our family" from the little island Matuku, who are also visiting the capital.
26/33: We met the headman of Lomati to discuss the planned Tabu (fish protection zone) of their village
27/33: Thanks for the dinner invititation! Fijian hospitality is just great...
28/33: On the way back we took the Queen's Road on the Southern coast.
33/33: At the end of our tour the rental car from Raj Rental (cheap and to be recommended) got a loving car wash and was wiped dry by hand ;-)