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Our annual visit to Tahiti always means lots of shopping, maintenance and repairs.

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1/15: We reached Tahiti coming from the Tuamotus in the evening.
4/15: There's plenty to see in the big anchorage off Marina Taina.
5/15: Planes land close by...
6/15: ...but unfortunately the big town produces lots of rubbish.
7/15: We anchored on the shallow shelf to facilitate the propeller repair (in case you drop a part you want to find it again...).
8/15: Daily visitors come by.
10/15: The neighbourhood wasn't the best--nobody seems to feel responsible for the many wrecks.
11/15: New owners are moving in...
13/15: Projects in turquoise...
15/15: We visited the market of Papeete, but most of our shopping took place at hardward-stores and chandleries.