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Port Resolution is a popular, but rolly bay on the eastside of Tanna, where we stayed for a few days. Our first impressions of Vanuatu!

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1/17: Port Resolution is a bay on the east side of Tanna, protected from the S and E, but open to the north and northeasterly swell.
2/17: We immediately set a stern anchor after arriving to avoid rolling miserably.
4/17: Officials came over from the main town Lenakel to check us in at the yacht club.
5/17: We met them at the "yachtclub" where Werry organises clearance and tours for cruisers.
6/17: The neighbouring village is pretty with traditional houses.
8/17: Fiberglass or Alu boats are still rare, most people have traditional outriggers.
11/17: There's a "restaurant" in the village and we made a reservation for lunch with a group of cruisers.
14/17: The beach outside Pt. Resolution - pretty, but rough...
16/17: Look what I found for our 13th cruising anniversary!