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Fiji's third biggest island features rainforest and lots of waterfalls. The main sight ashore for nature lovers is the Bouma national, which is located on the east side of the island and therefore impossible to reach by boat in tradewind conditions. We got lucky and enjoyed a full week exploring this rugged shore-line in NW wind!

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1/29: We anchored in the bay near the pretty village Vurevure.
2/29: The headman Kali invited us for new years eve with his family.
3/29: It was a quiet evening, but the kids had fun.
4/29: The next day Sana took us to see a waterfall behind the village.
5/29: A nice fall with a deep, cool pond.
6/29: We took the bus around the northern half of Taveuni to the main village Somosomo.
7/29: Everything in Taveuni is called "meridian" or something with dateline, because the 180° line runs across the island.
8/29: We did some shopping in Somosomo.
10/29: And took the bus back--only 30 km, but the trip took a whole day ;-)
11/29: We got some more veg in Vurevure and help carrying everything back to the dinghy.
12/29: We hitched a ride to see the Bouma waterfalls.
13/29: The trail leads through dense forest to a nice lookout.
14/29: Our tour guide :-)
15/29: The first two waterfalls are pretty.
16/29: The trail goes on past tree ferns...
17/29: ...and we met some local wildlife (they are everywhere, but only this one was posing).
18/29: The last fall is truly spectacular!
19/29: We sailed a few miles down to Lavena.
20/29: The coast is wild, rugged and has no barrier reef, so the swell breaks against the rocks--only an anchorage in very calm conditions!
21/29: We took the dinghy into a creek and walked to the Lavena waterfall.
23/29: During the christmas holidays there's quite something going on here!
24/29: To get close to the falls we had to swim through a canyon.
26/29: We continued by dinghy down the coast and explored into yet another creek.
28/29: More waterfalls and locals having a good time!
29/29: The next morning we motored down another few miles--waterfalls everywhere!