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We spent 3 months in the Tuamotu archipelago, found some fabulous wildlife off the beaten track and explored atolls we had not been to before.

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1/47: Off to new places!
3/47: Lagoon sailing in flat seas is our favourite kind of sailing.
5/47: The convergence zone was hanging over the Tuamotus and we had lots of rainy, squally weather.
6/47: But of course we rather show you the sunny days ;-)
8/47: We found a few remote spots with bird colonies ashore and healthy coral on the reefs.
11/47: You can immediately tell when fishies are not hunted. This nosy grouper is not afraid of humans.
14/47: We explored some new atolls and dared to brave narrow passes--not without sounding and exploring them first!
15/47: Scary pass...
17/47: We met friendly locals...
18/47: ...and tried to raise some awareness for environmental issues at primary schools.
19/47: Titan trigger fish
20/47: big eye swarm
21/47: butterflies and bannerfish
23/47: This nosy surgeon followed us closely...
27/47: Napoleon
28/47: Grey reef shark
29/47: morray
30/47: Bluefin jacks
31/47: Parrotfish are hunted and exported, but they are the ones keeping the reefs clean. When there's not enough of them left, algae grow over dead coral.
32/47: blacktip reef sharks
33/47: We took Pitufa through coral-strewn lagoons to remote corners of atolls
34/47: Of course we always float our chain when we anchor close to reefs in order to avoid damaging coral. This little turtle inspected the setup sceptically
36/47: White tern
37/47: It's easy to overlook eggs and disturb nesting birds, so we are very careful when going ashore and often only observe from the boat.
38/47: Endemic vegetation
40/47: Groundnesting birds have been shied away from the big motus and find a refuge on rocky islets...
43/47: Noddies
44/47: Young brown booby
45/47: Our garden keeps us supplied with fresh greens in places without mini-markets and no gardens ashore.
47/47: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints