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Ua Pou was the last of the Marquesas we visited in October 2013. We stopped only for a few days on the western side during a calm period. The bay was still a bit rolly but the rugged island with its high rock spires is worth a visit.

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1/17: We got our first glimpse of Ua Pou when sailing from Hiva Oa to Nuku Hiva.
2/17: Nuku Hiva disappears behind us...
3/17: ... and Ua Pou with its high spires appears.
5/17: Pitufa alone at anchor in the Bay of Vaiehu on the western side of Ua Pou.
7/17: Hiking along the coastal road northwards.
12/17: Exploring the neighbouring bay by dinghy.
14/17: Manta rays feeding. The water on the western coast of Ua Pou was the clearest we found in the Marquesas.
16/17: Leeloo welcomes us back.
17/17: Good bye Ua Pou, good bye Marquesas!