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In May 2022 we sailed from French Polynesia to Fiji: 1500 nautical miles in 15 days, many days with light winds, some great sailing and a front in between. In fickle winds and everchanging conditions we did more sail changes than on any other passage, but it was a good sail!

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1/30: ...and lots of time working at the sailing home-office.
5/30: At least we still had great meals with fresh greens underway. Dinner is always the highlight of the day on passage!
6/30: This young, brown booby stayed with us for the night and flew off in the morning without leaving any droppings :-)
7/30: We set out with a great forecast and got into a convergence zone instead...
8/30: Our friends on Garulfo set out with us...
9/30: ...overtook us soon, but we stayed within VHF range for more than half of the trip.
10/30: We hoisted all sails in the very light winds...
11/30: ...and still did daily runs around 80 nautical miles.
12/30: Comfy times at sea with lots of dips in the Pacific...
13/30: ...some repairs and laundry...
14/30: Then the wind finally set in and we managed daily runs around 150 nm.
15/30: Wayne Vaney, our hydrovane, did a great job...
16/30: We harvested daily from our sprayhood garden.
18/30: Unfortunately we had to get rid of our plants before approaching Fiji (it's forbidden to import plants). Really sad...
22/30: A few days from Fiji a front passed by with lots of rain and gusts up to 43 knots.
23/30: It was a sporty trip with countless sail changes.
24/30: The passage ended like it started, in a convergence zone with light winds.
25/30: 3.5 knots are borderline for a bath.
28/30: Usually we don't drink alcohol on passages, but we made an exception for Christian's birthday.
29/30: Pitufa did well! The only damage we suffered was a batten that chafed through the mainsail when the sails were flogging in light winds.
30/30: Clearance procedures in Savusavu are no problem with the friendly officials.