Cruising slowly

After the leisurely bay-hopping down the Croatian coast, our trip to Sicily feels like the first real cruising and we’ve quickly got into the rhythm of night watches. With the lovely warm weather we have they’re not tiring, as the watch can play with Leeloo, read a book or watch the impressive night sky. We’ve had very light winds till now, making only 100 nm in 2 days, but instead of motoring, we slowly sail on. When the wind dies we just go swimming, clean the boat, cook extravagant meals, watch dolphins, count floating plastic bags (20 an hour, humanity just doesn’t deserve this beautiful planet…) write blog entries, and enjoy the deceleration of life in general :-) .


  1. mirjana says:

    woohoo! sounds great so far, hope ‘the first real cruising’ is equally fun :)
    greetings from murky cambridge

    1. Christian says:

      we’d be glad if we could send you a few degrees from sizzling sicily :-)
      cu on the way,
      b + c

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