Nightly visitor

We spent the last night becalmed drifting on the open sea (as an alternative to motoring…). We scanned the moonlit horizon for freighters every 20 minutes. There were no ships, but at 6 o’clock something big was splashing about 50 meters away from Pitufa. First we were not sure what it was, but then, the blow noises and the fishy smell revealed our visitor as a whale. He stayed for a while, curiously inspecting Pitufa and came closer to about 20 meters. We were quite impressed but also a bit nervous. Finally he disappeared with a mighty splash of his tail fin. Leeloo also had a fun night, because a little bird mistook our predator’s swimming home for a save resting point…

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  1. hermine hackl says:

    Interessante Nachterlebnisse und Besuche am offenen Meer.
    Hauptsache euch 3-en geht es gut.
    Lb.Gr. Mom

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