Hiking to Ribeira Brava

After looking down from the pass next to Monte Gordo into the Faja Valley with Ribeira Brava yesterday, we returned today for a hike down into the valley. A steep footpath winds down from the mountain, providing new breathtaking views after each serpentine. The footpath is used by many people, as it’s the only direct way from the mountain villages to the capital. We met a few locals carrying heavy bundles up the mountain, but for us going downhill it was an easy 2 hours walk. Even though the sun burns down on the Cape Verde islands almost every day, the climate is very pleasant, because there’s always a cool breeze.
The further down one gets into the valley the more densely populated it gets. The tidy houses are all surrounded by lush gardens, where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown. The people are really friendly, smiling at strangers “Bom dia!” A wrinkled old woman even invited us into her house, the simple living room lovingly decorated with religious pictures and kitschy bric-a-brac.

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