Photos of Suriname

We uploaded some pictures of our stay in Suriname. Even though we saw many animals like a giant anteater, otters and monkeys,
we can’t prove these encounters with photos, because the wildlife always turned up so unexpectedly that we never had a camera near. At least the pics show the forest and rivers where all these animals live. See for yourself:


In January 2012 we caught a glimpse of Amazonia. Suriname provides an easy and save access to the rivers of the rainforest.

(38 photos)


  1. Roswitha Feldbauer says:

    Coole Fotos. Auch ohne Ameisenbär.
    Und ich will mit in die Karibik. Die Eiseskälte bei uns nervt schon etwas …

    1. Birgit says:

      Hi, Gaeste mit Mannerschnitten und Katzenfutter im Gepaeck sind immer willkommen :-)

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