Sailing to Sapzurro

This morning when we had to motor without wind we cursed the mediterranean-like winds in the basin of Colombia (remember: either no wind, or too much, and if there’s any it’s always from the wrong direction…). At noon the wind shifted and picked up slightly and Pitufa started with gliding along quickly and effortlessly on the flat seas, immediately we started praising the mediterranean-like sea conditions in the Colombian basin ;-) We can’t really remember when we last sailed so comfortably. Leeloo even took a nap on the cool metal deck in the shade of the genoa, because it’s awfully hot inside the boat.

Now we have winds around 15 knots, are flying along with 6 knots, caught a fish for dinner(!) and hope that we’ll get to our last Colombian destination–the border town Sapzurro–without having to turn on the noisy, hot engine again.

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