Tidal adventures around Casaya and island exploration on Viveros

Yesterday we decided to do some “animation” ;-) for Roswitha (Christian’s sister) and persuaded Sue and Andy (Spruce) to take the dinghies around the island for a Picknick and some snorkeling. A simple enough plan, but in tidal waters nothing’s that simple. The beach where we decided to have our Picknick on turned quite rocky as the tide receded and we had to splash quite a way through the mud to reach the dinghies we had anchored in deep water 2 hours before… We then went snorkeling, but on the way back to our bay we had to go through a narrow, shallow canal against a strong current–it felt like going upstream in a mountain river and our 3.5 horsepower outboard had to give everything ;-)

Today we took Pitufa a few miles further southeast to the next island: Isla Viveros where we anchored with yet another postcard view of golden beaches. We weren’t content with just looking at the beach, but took the dinghy ashore and were surprised to find a dirtroad leading down to the beach. Of course we went exploring, walked all across the island (it turned out to be much bigger and hillier than expected) past an antenna tower, over a few more hills, but the road never reached the fishing village or bar we had hoped for, instead it ended in a stone pit. When we hiked a mile into the other direction we found an abondoned airfield, construction material and a fallen over sign announcing a golf course… A weird place.

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