Rio Sucio

We weren’t really comfortable in the Rio Cucunati. When strong winds meet an opposing tidal current in such a broad stream, the result are confused seas that turn the anchorage into a witches cauldron. Therefore we motored into a neighbouring river on a rising current yesterday. According to the chart the Rio Sucio has a reef and a sandbank with only 2 metres depth at low tide, so we were quite nervous while approaching. We were only motoring along with less than 2 knots, but the current added another 2-3 knots and it would be very unwise to hit anything at such a total speed. Everything went smooth though and the Rio Sucio turned out to be a pretty river, despite its unattractive name–”sucio” means “dirty” in Spanish… The shores are fringed with mangroves, we hear much more jungle sounds than in the Cucunati and even though 2 knots of current are pulling on the chain the river’s as smooth as a mirror.

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