Incredible wildlife in Galapagos

We’ve been on Isabela for more than a week now (out of the 20 days we’re allowed to stay) and are still every morning yet again fascinated by all the animals that come by. Boobies crashland into the water with a loud POFF, dive down to catch a fish and pop up again next to the boat. Next to them sealions drift with their bellies up in the morning sun and even some penguins mingle in. We get up at sunrise and enjoy the spectacle–only Leeloo thinks it’s scary to have so many monsters snorting and splashing next to the boat.
We did a cycle tour along the coast and saw dozens of tortoises just next to the path and sea iguanas diving grazefully in tidal ponds. The dive tour we joined was also fascinating: turtles, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, white tip reef sharks, large groups of barracudas and even a manta ray.

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