Our second cruising anniversary

Exactly two years ago we set out on our adventure from Croatia with the aim of reaching the South Pacific as quickly as possible–it took us two years in the end, but now we’re here ;-) We celebrated this special day with a picknick on a remote beach on the island of Taravai (Gambier, French Polynesia) with our friends from s/v Irie, contemplating how lucky we are to able to experience so many different cultures, see such incredible places, meet so many interesting people and live so close to the elements. Back home we went through last year’s log entries and did some statistics (like one year ago in Curacao…).

Our second year in numbers:
5100 nautical miles.
84 days at sea, of which
40 daysails.
6 countries.
50 anchorages.
29 islands.
0 days in a marina.
0 days on the hard.
302 engine hours.
19000 euros, of which
7350 euros for boat repairs and new equipment.

For comparison, the numbers of our first year are here.


  1. hermine hackl says:

    Geteiltes glück ist doppeltes glück – auch für die nächsten zwei jahre
    alles alles gute !!!

  2. Roswitha says:

    time flies. kinder wie die zeit vergeht … alles gute zum 2. jahrestag.

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