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The Gambier Islands are an ideal site to overcome the reef navigation anxiety that we’ve developed in the San Blas. With the help of crystal clear waters, accurate charts and GPS tracks from other boats we’re slowly gaining confidence. Satellite images from Google Earth are a great help, too. Despite all that we’re still nervous before setting out to a new destination, we can feel the responsibility for each gram of Pitufa’s 14 tons on our shoulders… This morning we lifted the anchor off Aukena and made our way back to the island of Taravai, but this time we wanted to explore the southern side, which is uncharted. Right when we got to the tricky entrance where we had to navigate in between two reefs, visibility wasn’t good because of a few clouds, but we made it safely and slowly in. The bay is huge, fringed by reefs and a turquoise sand bank. There’s one house here, we’ll say hello there tomorrow.

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  1. Roswitha says:

    die qual der wahl: welche insel nehmen wir denn heute?
    ihr könnt einem wirklich leid tun ;-)

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