Dolphins and mangos

On the chart Hapatoni didn’t look very tempting, but we’re glad we stopped here. We’ve had a large pod of dolphins staying in our bay for two days, hunting, jumping, playing around Pitufa :-) The village is neat and pretty, and we took a walk on the coastal road leading along the bays and over the cliffs under an azure blue sky–it came as a surprise that the mountainous islands can actually lift the curtain of clouds that usually hangs over the high peaks. We decided to visit the man we had seen from afar working in the garden opposite our anchorage. Teii led us up the hill to some petroglyphs, gave us bags of manioc, taro, avocados, oranges, pamplemousse, guavas and of course mangos. This part of the island is covered in mango trees, the fruit are everywhere lying on the ground, but as the trees grow rather tall, they’re almost impossible to pick. Teii solved the problem with a bag on a long stick and some adventurous climbing. All he wanted in return were a few metres of r ope and some new music for his mobile phone.

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  1. hermine hackl says:

    Ein stückchen paradies . . . .

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