Nuku Hiva–biggest island of the Marquesas

During the last few days it got uncomfortable in the bays of Tahuata, first it poured down for days and the wind picked up and the easterly swell somehow made it into the bays on the western side. Pitufa rocked and rolled, so yesterday we decided to check out a bay just a few miles north on the northcoast of Hiva Oa, the neighbouring island of Tahuata. Rounding the northern cape of Hiva Oa we had winds of 30 knots and waves against us. When we got to the spectacular canyon-like bay Hanamenu the wind and high waves plus whitecaps were pressed into the deeply indented anchorage like into a funnel. No way we could anchor there.
Instead we sailed on to the biggest island of the Marquesas: Nuku Hiva, located about 80 nm further north. We had a bumpy and fast sail in the strong winds and reached the bay of Taiohae with the main village of the island far too early in the morning. We had to heave to for 2 hours with Pitufa pitching on high swell in 30 knots of winds. At dawn we headed into the huge, wide bay. Unfortunately the swell enters here as well and we couldn’t just anchor and have a rest, but had to bring out a stern anchor to keep Pitufa’s aligned to the swell. Now we’re lifted high up whenever a high sea goes through, but at least we can’t roll. The surrounding island and the town look nice, we’ll start exploring tomorrow.

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