Rushing along!

Yesterday we were stuck under thick clouds with everchanging wind directions, gusts, rain and very annoying conditions. In the evening the wind was suddenly blowing hard from the south, so we even decided to motorsail for a while. The weather forecasts didn’t look good: the French forecast predicted strong wind from the southeast (great, that’s where we wanted to go), the grib files contradicted completely suggesting light wind from the north (even better, downwind Pitufa needs much more than the predicted 8 knots). We were frustrated, but fortunately the trade wind decided to ignore both forecasts and started blowing steadily from the east with Pitufa rushing along closehauled with 6 knots. Today it’s still from the same directions, the skies are blue, the Pacific has got this incredible shade of dark indigo blue that it only seems to have here in the south and we can’t wait to get to the Gambier tomorrow!

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