We’re still in the little bay Onemea, waiting for the packet from Tahiti to arrive. During the strong easterly wind last week it was quite busy here, as 4 other boats huddled in to seek shelter in our protected bay. There was quite some socialising going on with dinner invitations and even a small beach party, just what we needed to take our minds off the engine worries. Now the wind has calmed down and we have our bay all to ourselves again. If we’d had a choice where to get stuck without engine, we’d certainly have chosen this pretty place: the sea’s calm like a lake in here, the forested slopes are mirrored in the water and after rains and in the morning dew the island smells like cough drops ;-) We’ve settled into our remote-bay-routine. The morning starts with doing some laundry and baking bread so that we have warm bread for breakfast. Leeloo’s perfectly happy without wind and neighbours and spends the days rolling around on deck and sunbathing. The calm conditions are also ideal to prepare Pitufa for the passage (scraping algae and barnacles off the hull, checking the rigging, etc.) and to do maintenance jobs (e.g. today the bimini got new zippers and some repairs–a job for our sturdy Pfaff sowing machine).

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