Not bored at all

We’ve already been a month on Tahanea, and we’re still not getting bored. Even though we get up at sunrise at 6 the days are not long enough to fit in everything we’ve got (and want) to do. Those of you who know us personally won’t be surprised that many of our activities circle around food and its preparation. Baking bread, tending to the boat garden, sprouting lentils and mung beans, excursions to collect coconuts on a motu–until we’ve found some coconuts that are not just of the right ripeness, but also at an approachable height can take a while. Opening them, getting the water out, spooning out the flesh, blending everything back on the boat–a well earned cocktail ;-) Little repairs and improvements on boat and equipment that used to slide down on the to-do list get attention now (a sunbrella pyjama for the outboard tank, another one for the railing BBQ, repairing the leaking kayak, etc.) Because of the frequent wind changes we’ve got to have a little sail to another anchorage every few days where we still find something new and exciting.

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