Yesterday we moved further south into the ‘duck’s breast’ and found a pretty anchorage in front of two uninhabited motus. This morning we were contemplating the weather predictions, trying to decide whether the predicted easterly winds would be strong enough and last long enough to take us the 175 miles to Amanu. In the end we decided to stay here and do a boat project instead. Christian saw some corrosion on the aft deck last week, opened it (when aluminium gets into the air the corrosion stops), the paint around it came off as well, he got carried away a bit and we ended up with half a square metre of bare aluminium that doesn’t look especially neat and is also a safety risk as it’s really slippery when wet. Instead of sailing off we got the disk grinder and sandpaper out, of course as soon as we’d done that the breeze picked up and turned from east to northeast (grrrr…), but anyway, instead of blowing us to Amanu the wind provided the energy to run the power tools.

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