Never start a passage with a hangover

Usually an ocean passage resembles a journey through a more or less hilly blue desert, but this time our course goes right trough the Tuamotus, just last night we passed 3 of them within a few miles, so we have to constantly adjust the course. The passage started quite rough yesterday with changing winds and high, confused waves. We soon had a huge mahi-mahi (dorade) on the lure. The poor guy gave quite a fight, the struggle and the following blood bath in a combination with a mighty hangover from the previous day proved too much for Christian’s stomach, poor little Leeloo followed Christian’s example when she smelled the fish. Unfortuately we can’t run our fridge during the night at the moment, because our elderly batteries gave up last week (new ones are already on the way to the Gambier), so the fish had to be processed immediately. I spent 3 hours in the careening galley fileting, cutting (at least I managed not to get seasick) and with the help of the pressure cooker produced 12 big jars of fish preserves–that should last a while :-)

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