On Sunday we visited Akamaru, the third biggest high island of the Gambier, for the first time (unbelievable, but yes, there are still new corners to discover for us around the archipelago ;-) ) and were really impressed. Only three houses are still permanently inhabited (10 houses are used on weekends), most of the population left during the 1950s and the school was closed in the late 60s, but the village is incredibly manicured and decorated with the newly renovated church in white and blue gleaming like a piece of Disneyland ;-)
We walked along the mainpath through colourful shrubs and flowers, up to the old cemetery in the forest and chatted with a few friendly people who were enjoying a picknick on the beach and welcomed us ‘to paradise’. This morning we were ready to lift the anchor when a boat on the way to Rikitea got alongside and the people we had met the day before handed up two big bags of tomatoes, pumpkins and reddishes–it’s just impossible not to love Polynesia :-)

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