Pitufino–not just another Wi-Fi gateway!

Over the years we acquired a mix of old and new navigation instruments on Pitufa, which used to communicate via NMEA convertors that lack configuration options–never quite the solution we really wanted. Unsatisfied with the situation and unconvinced by existing products, I decided to build an NMEA converter and gateway myself. Later on I started implementing more and more ideas and now my Pitufino replaces four devices we had to run before.

Along the way the project turned from a sheer experiment into a powerful product that may well be interesting for other cruisers. If you’re interested in acquiring a Pitufino, send me an email!

Here’s the product description: read more.


  1. Frank Navratil says:

    Interested in the WiFi gateway
    What is cost?
    Shipping to so call USA 90277
    Thanks Franco

    1. Christian says:

      Hi, it’s 230 euro, check out our webshop currently-marine.com

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