Travelling in times of Covid

French Polynesia’s borders were closed for a while, now they have opened up, but only for American tourists – funny, as the US handling of the Covid situation did not seem exactly like a success story, maybe the colour of the dollar gives heightened immunity?
All other travellers must still apply for a special permission to travel and present important motives. Christian’s passport expires in May, we could not manage to get a new one remotely, so we had to tackle tons of paperwork and applications to get to Austria before the expiry date… The permission of the Haute Commisariat to fly, Covid tests, forms for each transit country–quite nerve wrecking to be standing in queue after queue, each time hoping that the person behind the counter will accept the pile of paperwork.
We flew with Air France via Vancouver, Paris and Munich (our flight was cancelled, rebooked and changed 6 times…) and it was quite full–surprising when you consider the complications involved…

Anyway, we made it safe and sound to Austria and are now enjoying a couple of weeks with friends and family. Austria in springtime is lovely with fresh greens and blossoms everywhere, but still waaaay too cold for our delicate tropical bodies ;-)

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